Englisch-Quiz: Fachbegriffe im Marketing - Testen Sie Ihr Wissen

Englisch-Quiz: Jede Branche hat ihre eigene Fachsprache, und auch das Marketing ist da keine Ausnahme. Testen Sie hier Ihr Wissen, wie viele Begriffe Sie schon kennen! Es sind bestimmt mehr, als Sie denken.


Testen Sie sich: Kennen Sie die Marketing-Fachbegriffe?

Englisch-Quiz: Fachbegriffe im Marketing - Testen Sie Ihr Wissen

‘Above the line‘, ‘below the line‘ – marketing is full of unusual terms. This quick quiz will give you a good overview

Marketing has lots of specialist jargon. See how much you know by answering this quick quiz. For every correct answer, you get one point. The answers can be found below.



1. What is the difference between above-the-line and below-the-line advertising?

a. Is the former on high buildings and the latter at street level?

b. Is the former legal and the latter illegal?

c. Is the former aimed at mass audience (e.g. via the TV or the press) and the latter aimed at a select audience (e.g. via product demos in shops)? 

2. What is the ‘marketing mix‘?

a. Is it the combination of strategies by which marketers try to create sales (i.e. by using the right mix of product type, pricing, promotional tools and distribution channels)?

b. Is it a Cocktail?

c. Is it the way that new brands are conceptualised?

3. What is a ‘call to action‘?

a. Is it a recruitment campaign?

b. Is it a way of getting a customer to respond, e.g. a button on a website marked ‘purchase‘?

c. Is it a mass advertising campaign?

4. What is a ‘focus group‘?

a. Is it a camera company?

b. Is it a type of brainstorming activity?

c. Is it a small but representative group of people who give their opinions on new products or services?

5. What do the letters in the abbreviation ‘S.E.O.‘ stand for?

a. Is it ‘search engine optimisation‘?

b. Is it ‘sales exchange operation‘?

c. Is it ‘sudden email overload‘? 

6. What is ‘market reach‘?

a. Is it how big a market is?

b. Is it the estimated number of potential customers that you could reach via a particular advertising medium?

c. Is it how successful a product is on the market?

7. What is ‘lifestyle segmentation‘?

a. Is it a way of defi ning the features and benefi ts of a product?

b. Is it a way of analysing customers according to subgroups, e.g. income, profession, gender?

c. Does it mean that someone sometimes works from home and sometimes in the offi ce?

8. What is ‘product cannibalisation‘?

a. Is this when you bring out a new product knowing that it will eat into sales of one of your existing products?

b. Is it when your staff canteen runs out of food and you have to eat your company‘s own food products instead?

c. Is it when you use spare parts from outdated products to manufacture new models?

9. What is ‘diversification‘?

a. Is it when you aim a product at as diverse a range of people as possible, e.g. across all income brackets?

b. Is it when you bring out a product in lots of different types of packaging?

c. Is it when you try to break into a new market by bringing out a new product or service using your existing brand name or logo?

10. Who or what is a laggard?

a. Is it someone with a slow Internet connection?

b. Is it someone who hates technology?

c. Is it someone who is one of the last to start using a new technology?  


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1. c  | 2. b |  3. b | 4. c | 5. a (I.e. a technique for raising your company‘s visibility in Internet searches.) | 6. b | 7. b | 8. a | 9. c | 10. c (Note: ‘laggard‘ is a negative word.)



  • 8 – 10: You‘re a marketing genius! You obviously specialise in this field. Go to the top of the class!
  • 4 – 7: You don‘t work in marketing, but you know enough to get by – just like the rest of us!
  • 1 – 3: Marketing isn‘t your thing. But your colleagues in the marketing department can always help if there‘s a problem.
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